A formally Certified Health & Wellbeing Coach Program designed to build a solid coaching foundation that arise out of the International Coaching Federation (ICF) competencies and coaching principles. Coaching holds to the premise that we are all in possession of our own answers, that our emotions and experiences are teachers, that intuitive mindful existence is possible in everyday life, and that we are all doing our very best right now.

Released in early 2020, our Certified Health & Wellbeing Coach Program. The Certified Health & Wellbeing Coach Program will be submitted to ICF to be an 'Approved Coaching Specific Training Hours' (ACSTH) program. Once approved, students successfully completing this program and the remaining requirements by ICF, can apply to be an ASSOCIATE CERTIFIED COACH (ACC). Credentialing via approved International Coach Federation (ICF) training is the international gold standard in coaching, and is a globally recognised qualification.

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Requirments of entry: Certified Health & Wellbeing Coach Program

Students not yet holding coaching experience or prior relevant studies may be required to complete two modules exploring human behaviour, wellbeing and coaching in practice to set a solid foundation with which to grow your advanced coaching journey. The modules include:

  1. An Introduction to Psychology & Behaviour Change
  2. The Practice of Wellbeing Management & Coaching
Contact the office regarding exemptions from study completed at Well College or other institutions.