The Professional Certificate in Meal & Menu Planning program is a four-unit program designed to help support clients with healthy nutrition choices. It consists of the following subjects:

Three Core Units:

  • The Certificate of Human Nutrition
  • Introduction to Meal & Menu Planning
  • Psychology, Behaviour Change and Wellbeing Management

One Elective unit:

  • There is a range of subjects to choose your elective from



You have 12 months to complete the four units so while you do have a 6-month active period for each individual unit, you will need to pace yourself so that you are working faster than the maximum period allowed. To estimate the time it should take to complete a unit you can look at the average amount of hours required for the unit. For example, some units will take 50 hours of study while others will take less than 20.

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The Professional Certificate in Meal & Menu Planning is a four-unit program that you have up to 12 months to complete, it includes:

1. The Certificate of Human Nutrition
2. Introduction to Menu & Meal Planning
3. Psychology, Behaviour Change & Wellbeing Management
4. And an elective unit


You can get started immediately, just follow the simple steps below:
1. Create An Account.
2. You will receive an email, you will need to use this to confirm your account and log in.
3. Carefully decide your starting unit or units.
4. Add your chosen starter option

And bam! You'll be underway in no time. If in doubt just buzz us in the office and we can organise it all from this end.
Get involved and enjoy.
The Team At Cadence Health